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Pastor Curt~


January/February 2024

Beloved of Christ;


She gazed off in the distance at their new home and wondered, “That’s strange why is there a small tree blocking the entrance way to the front porch of the house?” Then she put on her glasses and recognized that it was her husband. It was a, “Oh, that’s what that is” moment. Epiphany! Meaning, Manifestation, readily known, understood, perceived. I get it. I see it.


Epiphany!   Christ being made known! Revelation, to reveal literally, unveil. To remove the covering by which something is hidden, exposing it to view. To remove the darkness and bring to light. To realize the truth. Jesus reveals God. Oh, this is what God is up to. Aha moments!


Here we are in the year of Mark, and right in the middle of his whole gospel is a story, about seeing Jesus. In Mark 8, the blind man is healed. With the first touch his vision is blurry and people look like “trees walking“, but it takes a second touch for him to see clearly. It’s the only healing like it in scripture that requires a double touch. It is a hinge in the gospel.   How do we see Jesus?


The first portion of Mark’s gospel, up to this story, is filled with miraculous wonder as Christ heals, speaks with authority, and does amazing miraculous things that point to the Coming Kingdom of God, now at hand in Jesus. This is how many perceive Jesus as a miracle worker hoping he will use his powerful glory to bring health and wealth to our earthly living, that is passing away. Is that all we see in Jesus, a wonder working Messiah that can benefit our earthly comfort? At the first touch the man’s vision is fuzzy and he needs a second touch.


Right after this story, Jesus is revealed as God’s anointed one who saves, through Peter’s confession. Jesus reveals that the Messiah must suffer and die on the cross, and on the third day rise from the dead. Vision is shifted from earthly glory, to the cross and resurrection.


The portion that follows this chapter is all headed to the cross. A picture of a loving God with all his power and glory, who will endure suffering, serve those in front of Him, and offer himself a sacrifice to forgive all our offenses, past, present, and future, and cleanse us to share in God’s eternal presence.


The cross is Epiphany, the revelation of God’s great eternal love for us. With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the cross opens the eyes of our heart, to see God’s way and follow in it. It transforms us from self-centered living to God centered living. A life of humble service to those in front of us, as our master has done for us.


Epiphany. Jesus made known in a life of trust in God’s faithfulness. That God would be faithful through all the ridicule, hurt, suffering, and hardship, the world in its self-centered ways, would do to Him.   God revealed His faithfulness in the resurrection, that the final outcome will be justice, righteousness, peace, mercy, grace, and love in relationship with God Almighty.

Jesus trusted the light will overcome the darkness.


And so we follow Jesus, the light. We see that God’s glory is not for our personal comfort on this earth, but a future promise. We see that to follow Jesus is to be a humble servant to all who cross our path. We see in the cross that to love as Jesus loved is to lay down our agenda, our desire, our insistence on our own way, our self, our life for the other, confident God is faithful to fulfill all God has promised.

May we pray that the Holy Spirit continue to make Jesus’ way known in our midst, and that we may follow in the way of the cross in service to each other and all who cross our path.

                                                                                                 Blessed Epiphany

                                                                                                             Pastor Curt